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Our Giclée prints are printed using archival quality Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm, by Fine Art Trade Guild approved printers, using approved inks and papers to the standards the Guild have in place - the prints can last over 100 years.


Veteran: Tommy Prince, 2021 - Limited edition prints available - 5 copies only.

Original: Linen Canvas, 60cm x 70cm

WW2 Veteran: Tommy Prince, 2021. JACooke

  • Indigenous Canadian war hero, Tommy Prince was one of Canada’s most decorated First Nation soldiers, who served in both WW2 and the Korean War. Prince, trained by his father became a superb marksman and used creative methods to penetrate enemy lines. He was promoted to Seargeant and for his skills, expedited to a specialised support team. Indigenous Canadian’s fought to earn respect on behalf of their people and the Canadian’s who saw them as “savages.” Prince, was ultimately awarded 11 medals for his service.

    Original oil painting. 60cm x 70cm. Medium: Oil on canvas. 

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