Who I Am


JA Cooke
Multi-Disciplinary Visual Artist 


University of the Arts, London:
BA Hons Digital Media Production
Art Academy London


2020: Inaugural C’Art - Jamaica 
2019: Heroes and Heroines - London 
2018: Heroes and Heroines - London 
2018: The Windrush Generation - London 
2018: Who I Am - London 

Jacqui Cooke is a self-taught London-based portrait artist working primarily in oils. Born in Britain to Jamaican parents, she enjoyed a lengthy and successful career in the creative services and in 2014 took the momentous decision to realise her dream of becoming an artist. 


Experimenting with a range of mediums at the start of her visual arts journey, she was gripped by the depth of textural nuances she could achieve using oils. She developed her technique by studying the Old Masters in portraiture and Expressionist art, and has created a stylistically and thematically varied portfolio documenting the achievements of individuals from the African diaspora - those celebrated and those omitted from the canvas of British history. 

In 2018, Cooke held her first solo exhibition, Who I Am, at Stratford Library, in collaboration with the London Borough of Newham, to celebrate 70 years since the arrival of the Windrush Generation. In response to the exhibition, which featured eight new portraits of Black activists, she was invited by several London boroughs to showcase a number of artworks depicting war heroes and heroines for Black History Month.  

She was honoured to be included among a select group of artists invited to exhibit at the Inaugural C’Art exhibition in Mandeville, Jamaica in February 2020. 

She is currently working on a new theme focussed on the perspective of individuals who arrived in Britain as part of the Windrush generation, sharing their experiences.