Corporate Art Leasing


Leasing art from JACookeArt
If you are looking for corporate art to rent and place in your office, restaurant or hotel, to add style, create an ambience and/or sophistication within your open areas, to decorate your office, consulting rooms, waiting rooms or board room, you can select from a range of original artworks to lease from us. 

With professional assistance and advice, we will agree a mutual time to discuss your needs for art leasing. If you are seeking guidance and assistance with corporate art or art for home styling, please email us to book a meeting, delivery and/or installation.

Incorporating artwork within a working environment can promote your organisation's identity, image and professionalism and add a calming or stimulating influence based on your selection.
We can provide the option to have fitted and floating frames that can match the furniture and fittings within your space. This can be added upon request to fit in with your overall design concept. We can offer limited edition Giclée prints on canvas of selected works for purchase as an alternative option.

You can schedule to rearrange your choices of art periodically to freshen a space, increase creativity and stimulate the ambience to suit your audience. Leasing original artwork supports artists as they build a themed collection for future exhibitions. 

In the event you become attached to the artwork as often happens, a rebate based on a percentage of the leasing fees against the purchase price is available for those with an existing leasing contract.

Leasing Periods

JACookeArt has a selection of original works available for leasing periods of 6 weeks, 6 months or 12 months. Leasing fees are calculated with a base rate fee for each leasing period and a percentage of the artwork value per month. For advice or a quote email

Our process

We meet with our client or potential client to determine preferences, scope and budget.


We arrange a survey of the property to identify the locations that are best suited for the placement of the artwork.

We will put together a presentation featuring several artworks in situ, selected by our team, in response to the initial conversation and based on your requirements.

If you are not sure how to style your rooms, we are happy to assist with the selection of artwork based on your requirements and follow up consultations.

Once the selection and agreement has been made, we will arrange the transportation and installation of the artwork under supervision.

We can arrange the removal of artwork at the end of the term of the lease.


All pieces of artwork are required to be insured to the full value of the artwork.

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