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Exhibitions and upcoming events

A list of past and upcoming exhibitions and events. 

Showing Now.

21st October - November 6th 2022


'you're playing the race card'

Greenhalf Studio, East Sussex

In support of Black History Month, bringing together the theme of you're playing the race card at the Greenhalf Studio in St Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex. This is a unique and timely exhibition showcasing 25 contemporary Black artists' response to the powerful 'playing the race card' and its complex implications.

I am proud to have been invited to exhibit my painting 'Caught Up' (from the Urban Collection) Especially pleasing was the unexpected presentation of my painting on the ITV Meridian News segment.

Scheduled for November

'Evidence of things not seen'

The derivation comes from the bible and was placed into a racial narrative by the African American writer James Baldwin, regarding children Atlanta murders of 1979–1981. In this project, the focus is on the Windrush. An opportunity to highlight “Our Stories, Past, Present and Future”.


Date 14th - 18th November

Previous exhibitions

2022: Playing the Race Card - St Leonards

2022: Evidence of Things Not seen - London

2022: CityLit PaFadv - London 

2022: Black Servicemen - Canada 

2020: Inaugural C’Art - Jamaica 
2019: Heroes and Heroines - London 
2018: Heroes and Heroines - London 
2018: The Windrush Generation - London 
2018: Who I Am - London 

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