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Veteran: Walter Tull, 2019 - Limited edition prints available - 25 copies only.

Original: Linen Canvas, 60cm x 70cm

WW1 Veteran: Walter Tull, 2019. JACooke

  • Walter Tull born in Folkstone, Kent. His father was from Barbados and mother from Kent. At the start of WW1 Tull joined the 17th Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment as a Lance-Corporal. In 1917, he attended officer training in Britain and served in the 23rd Battalion of the Middlesex regiment as a second lieutenant. Army rules forbade persons of colour being commissioned as officers.


    Tull is considered to be the first African-Caribbean of mixed heritage to be commissioned as an infantry officer in the British Army, a leader of men of all colours. Tull was highly praised for his role in battle, notably for leading soldiers over a river in Italy.Tull a professional footballer player, gave up his career to help out in the war. He wasn’t the only Black British Officer to serve but the first to lead soldiers on the front line.

    Original oil painting. 60cm x 70cm. Medium: Oil on canvas. 

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