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Veteran: David Louis Clemetson, 2019 - Limited edition prints available - 250 copies only.

Original: Linen Canvas, 60cm x 70cm

WW1 Veteran: David Louis Clemetson, 2019. JACooke

Type of print
  • David Louis Clemetson, a Jamaican from a wealthy family, was among the first to volunteer to support Britain in WW1. In 1915, he became one of the first Black British officers of WW1. It was claimed the 1914 Manual of Military Law effectively barred what it called "any negro or person of colour" from holding rank above sergeant. "Are you of pure European descent?" he was asked. "No," answered Clemetson, whose grandfather Robert had been a slave in Jamaica, he was not "of pure European descent". Telling the truth about his ancestry, Clemetson threatened to disrupt the military's peculiar "Don't ask, don't tell" racial practices.

    Original oil painting. 60cm x 70cm. Medium: Oil on canvas. 

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